We have created a unique and nurturing environment that promotes the positive development of each child physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. We help every child discover a sense of pride and responsibility that is accomplished through experiencing independence and success. All students participate in a wide variety of enrichment programs such as music, art, yoga, computer classes, chess and P.E. Our nurturing learning environment produces a confident and well-rounded individual. Our classrooms are designed to provide freedom of movement and selection of activities in order to allow the children to develop emotionally, physically and intellectually at their own pace. Within a framework of respect for the rights of others, the child learns to take responsibility for his or her own actions and le…arning. Underlying the extensive Montessori curriculum is the constant focus on peace and being environmentally responsible.

Children in our school learn with a vast collection of Montessori materials developed by leading international manufacturers. From puzzle maps to trinomial cubes, each piece is meticulously designed according to Montessori specifications. This commitment to using only the best teaching materials is a cornerstone of our program.