Our school follows The Montessori Method for early education. Dr. Maria Montessori realized that a young child had great potential for learning. To challenge a young mind she developed an alternative method of teaching that emphasized specially trained teachers and uniquely designed learning materials and apparatus – thus stimulating a child’s mind. She believed that children’s innate desire to learn should be cultivated in their formative years to develop an even stronger desire to learn that will stay with them through life. Montessori classroom environment is prepared and structured to allow a child to learn through exploring independently and at his or her own pace.


Frisco Trails Montessori is committed to providing an excellent, nurturing Montessori learning environment where children can learn at their own individual pace with continuous progress. Our goal is to cultivate a Montessori environment which will nourish and channel their natural love for learning and allow them to reach their full potential and develop into self-confident and responsible individuals.
Based on the montessori curriculum, our spacious classrooms all have the basic learning areas in the “prepared environment” – Language Arts, Mathematics, Sensorial, Practical Life, and the Cultural Subjects which include, Geography, Science and History. Enrichment programs are also offered. These include Yoga, Chess, Gym, Art, Music, Spanish, and Computers. This provides a balanced curriculum for the academic, social and emotional development of each child.


Why Montessori ?


Provide a stimulating montessori environment for children to explore, absorb and excel into a self confident and independent individual